Basheer Day Quiz Question & Answer in English

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July 5, the death anniversary of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, is celebrated in schools as Basheer Remembrance Day. Quiz Programmes are condecting related to it. here we are sharing some question and answers related to Bashher Day.

Question & Answers

1. Which famous Malayalam writer is known as “BEYPORE SULTAN”?
Vaikom Muhammad Basheer
2. In which year Basheer was born?
3.Vaikom Muhammad Basheer was born in Thalayolaparamu,in which district is this located?
4. Who are the parents of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer?
Kayi Abdul Rahman (Father), Kunjathumma (Mother)
5. Which is his first novel?
6. Which  is the only Balasahithya krithi written by Basheer?
Sarppa yajnam 
7. In which story of Basheer nose is the central character?
Vishwa Vikhyathamaya Mook
8 .Which tree influenced Basheer's life and literature?
Mangosteen Tree
9. In which Basheer’s work we can see the characters Anavari Raman Nair and Ponkurisuthoma?
Anavariyum Ponkurisum
10. In which newspaper did Basheer write under the pseudo name “Prabha”?
11.“Onnum Onnum Immini Valiya Onnu” is written in which book of Basheer?
12 . In which Basheer’s work we can see the character ‘Kunjipathumma’?
Entuppappakkoranendarnnu. (  My Grandad Had an Elephant)
13 .Which is the drama that Basheer wrote?
Kathabeejam (The Germ of a Story)
14.What is the name of Basheer’s autobiography?
Ormayude Arakal
15. What is the name of Basheer's wife?
Fabi Basheer.
16. How was Basheer called by his wife and children?
17. What is the name of Fabi Basheer’s autobiography?
Basheerinte Ediye
18. In which district is Beypore located ?
19. Which year was Basheer awarded the Padma Shri?
20. In which year, did Basheer recieve the Kerala State Film Award for best story?
21.Which actor acted as Basheer in the movie ‘Mathilukal’?
22. Which writer shared the Vallathol Award with Basheer in 1993?
23. Who wrote the poem ‘Basheer Enna Balya Onnu’?
Vishnu Narayanan Namboothiri.
24. Who is the author of  ‘Ente Basheer’ ?
Kalppatta Narayanan
25. Who wrote ‘Oridathoru Sulththan’
Kiliroor Radhakrishnan

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