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Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us Detailed Textual activities and relevant discourses, Appreciation  in a comprehensive way based on all the lessons The Mysterious Picture in  VIII th English text book. It is extremely beneficial for teachers and student folk. EduKsd Blog Team are delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude to his remarkable work.

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Glossary The Mysterious Picture

  • Accompany- to be with
  • Adorn – to make more beautiful
  • Ancestors- forefathers
  • Blue blood- noble blood
  • Coolly- without enthusiasm
  • Cord – small rope
  • Enormous- very large
  • Fellow- friend
  • Flushed-became red
  • Fodder- food for cattle
  • Fortnight- two weeks
  • Generous- noble minded
  • Grant- give
  • Heartily – sincerely
  • Loafer- one who waste his time
  • Minor- less important
  • Paunch- big belly
  • Paused- stopped for a while
  • Recently – not long ago
  • Splendor- excellence
  • Splendid- grand
  • Stride- walks with long steps
  • Terrible – very unpleasant
  • Thrust- pushes strongly
  • Valour- courage

Profile of Charles De costar

Name : Charles De coster
Birth : 1827
Birth place : Munich, Germany
Known as : the father of Belgian literature
Notable works : The legend of Tyl Ulenspiegel and Lamme Goedzak
Death : 1879

Charles De Coster

The famous Belgian writer, Charles De Coster was born in Munich, Germany, 1827. He was known as the father of Belgian literature. His notable works were The legend of Tyl Ulenspiegel and Lamme Goedzak. He died in 1879.

1. Tyl decided to write a letter to his friend to share his exciting experience with the Archduke. What would be the letter like? Write it below

Garden Villa,
MG Road.
15th July 2021.
Dear friend,

How are you? Hope you are keeping fine. It has been a long time since we met. I want to share glad news with you. My great ambition to meet the Archduke has been fulfilled with God’s mercy. It was a thrilling experience to meet him. I started my journey on my donkey. I was starving for many days. I didn’t eat anything for days. It was an adventurous task. I could meet the captain of guard and he allowed me to meet the Archduke. I enjoyed the generous behavior and his fine treat. It was a fantastic experience to see the beauty of the palace. They served tasty food too. I miss you a lot.

Hope to meet you soon.
Yours lovingly,

Character sketch Tyl

Tyl was an interesting character in the story. He was a Flemish painter. He was a talented painter and his painting had great demand all over Europe. He wandered form court to court on his donkey. He was slim and looked like a skeleton. Tyl wished to become a court painter
He always wore a cap with three feathers on it. He had a sense of humour . He valued his own freedom and creativity. He was talkative. The captain of the guard allowed him to meet the king. He saluted the Archduke and submitted a painting of our lady the virgin. Archduke was impressed by the picture and asked Tyl to paint his portrait so as to leave his memory to his descendants. They all demanded to paint their pictures to look more beautiful and attractive.

Question and answers The Mysterious Picture

1, where do the events narrated in the story take place?
The events narrated in the story take place in the palace of the Archduke of Battenberg.
2. Mention the two central characters you identify at these points?
Tyl ,the painter and the captain of the guards are the two central characters.
3. What do you understand about the character of Tyl?
Is he serious man or one with a sense of humour? How do you know this? Tyl had a sense of humour because his comments prompted us to laugh.
4. Is there a change in the attitude of the Captain? What is the reason behind it?
Yes, there is a change in the attitude of the captain. When he heard that Tyl was a Flemish painter and allowed him to enter the palace.
5. The language used by Tyl when he speaks to the Archduke shows his respect for him. Pick out a few instances which show this.
‘May your Highness pardon me’?
‘I might lay it at your noble feet’.
6. What does Tyl wish to become?
Tyl wishes to become the court painter.
7. Do you think that Tyl and his donkey are hungry? Give reason for your answer.
He told the Archduke that he was hungry as he had nothing to eat. But the donkey was not hungry as it was feeding on the grass and thorns on the roadside.
8. What does the Archduke want Tyl to do?
When the Archduke saw the picture of Our Lady, drawn by Tyl, he wanted to make Tyl the court painter. He also wanted to paint his portrait.
9. What does the sentence, ‘we do not know when God will think fit to summon us’, mean?
It means that he didn’t know when he was going to die.
10. Why does Tyl feel unhappy?
Tyl feels unhappy about painting the Archduke alone, the Archduke will be lonely forever and ever. This thought makes Tyl feel unhappy.
11. Who are compared to the moon and the lanterns?
The Archduke and the courtiers are compared to the moon and the lantern.
12. What were the demands of the Archduke and the courtiers in painting their pictures?
The Archduke asked Tyl to paint everyone as they are. But the courtiers demanded Tyl to paint them more beautiful and attractive without depicting any of their imperfection.
13. Why did Tyl think that if he painted the picture, he would definitely be killed?
Tyl thought that if he painted the courtiers as they were , they would kill him. and if he disobeyed the Archduke, he would kill him.
14. What will Tyl do to save himself from being killed?
Tyl planned not to draw the picture at all.
15. How did Tyl manage to stay in the court for long? How many days did he finally get to complete the picture?
Tyl asked for more time and got sixty days to complete the picture.
16. What is special about the picture?
Tyl told them that only those who had noble blood in their veins would be able to see the picture.
17. Is the jester a mere fool? Why do you think so?
The court-jester is not a fool. He is wise and courageous enough to tell the truth. 


Tyl the painter was stopped at the entrance to the palace by the Captain. Prepare a conversation between them.

Captain : Stop here, how dare you enter the palace?
Tyl : Excuse me sir, let me go.
Captain : What a shabby dress! You look like a joker. Don’t you?
Tyl : Really?
Captain : You and your donkey are skeletons. Don’t you?
Tyl : Yes, sir. It is not my fault. I have been hungry for many days.
Captain : How can I help you?
Tyl : I need to meet the Archduke. Let me show your highness my
painting. It is my masterpiece.
Captain : Oh, you are a painter!
Tyl : Yes, sir.
Captain : Where are you from?
Tyl : From Flanders.
Captain : Well, you may go now.
Tyl : Thank you Sir.

Diary of Tyl

Tyl though about the threats of the courtiers and the command of the Archduke regarding the painting. He noted down his feelings in his diary. Prepare his diary entry.

MARCH 2021
It is an unpleasant situation. I came here to show my paintings the Archduke. I wanted to be the court painter. It has been fulfilled with God’s mercy. But I readily agreed the Archduke’s wish. It was for his portrait. Now I am afraid, it is going to lose my life. How can I escape from this danger? It was my foolish thought to include all the courtiers in the portrait. I will find my way to save my life.


The Arts club of your school has decided to conduct a Painting Competition in your school. Prepare a notice giving all the details.

Painting competition

Dear friends,
The Arts club of our school has decided to conduct a painting competition in our school auditorium on 15th July 2021. Those who are interested to participate in the competition may register their names with the headmaster on or before 10th July 2021.

Goa, Secretary,
05/07/2021. Arts club.

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