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Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us Detailed Textual activities and relevant discourses, Appreciation in a comprehensive way based on all the lessons "Maternity" in the IXth English textbook. It is extremely beneficial for teachers and student folk. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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Character sketch Mikali in the Chapter Maternity

Mikali was an Armenian refugee boy living in a refugee camp at Marsilles. He was a fourteen year old boy. He had to carry his infant brother on his back always. His He was a responsible brother who had love and affection to him. He knocked all the doors to breast feed him. But he did n’t get any help from anyone. It made him restless and desperate. He was But he protected and took care of him patiently. It shows his courage and determination.  


Mikali writes a diary entry expressing his feelings and the china man’s house  

Monday 14th, August 2021  
It is a great moment in my life. I am happy and excited now. The china man’s wife came forward to breast feed my little brother. She is a generous and kind lady. She proved she was a real mother. She displayed all the qualities of a genuine mother. I can’t forget this incident in my life. Now I feel I am not alone in my life. It was a relishing event in my life. It gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure. God is great.

Newspaper report   

Prepare a newspaper report of the Mikali’s life in Armenian camp.
Dedication and sincerity of a boy

Marsilles: Mikali, a fourteen year old boy carrying his infant baby on the back always.
His mother died after his birth. He was in search of a nursing mother to breast feed him.
It was his cruel fate; no one came forward to feed the boy. They blamed him for the
boy’s incessant cries. They chased him away and threatening when they saw the boy’s
horrible appearance. But he continued his attempt to find a nursing mother for him. At
last china man came to his rescue. He took him to his house and his wife breast fed the
boy. It saved the boy from starving death.


Prepare a conversation between the china man and Mikali.   

Chinaman : Why are you so sad?
Mikali : My infant baby didn’t eat anything for many days. He would die of hunger soon.
Chinaman : Are you from the refugee camp?
Mikali : Yes, we live there in a pitiable condition.
Chinaman : Where is his mother?
Mikali : His mother died soon after his birth.
Chinaman : Really it is pity.
Mikali : He is starving. I am looking for a nursing mother to feed him.
Chinaman : No problem, please come with me. My wife will feed him.
Mikali : Thank God

Read and respond: Important questions and answers

1. Why couldn’t Mikali earn even a penny?
He was unable to go to work because he had to carry his infant baby in search of a nursing mother to feed the baby
2. Why was he chased away by his fellow Armenians?
He was chased away because the people were unable to bear the incessant cries of the little baby .It kept them awake the day and night.
3. Mikali wandered like a ‘lost soul’ comment on the comparison
He wandered about carrying the little infant on his back. Nobody came forward to help him in his distress. He was tired due to lack of sleep and proper food.
4. Why did the refugees wish that the child would die?
Everybody listens to the cries of the baby with much irritation and restlessness. They can’t bear cry of him anymore. So they wished that he would die.
5. Notice how the women behaved .What do you think about their attitude?
They behaved in a pitiful and desperate manner. No one was ready to help and protect the boy form the horrible condition. They were not at all cooperative and considerate with him
6. What made Mikali go to the camp of the Anatolians’?
Mikali knew that there was a nursing mother in the Anatolians camp and hoped that she might take pity on the boy. So he went there.
7. Why did the women give vent to cries of horror?
The baby’s head had become enormous and shriveled body. So the women gave vent to cries of horror.
8. Why did he feel immensely alone and lost?
He was turned away mercilessly by the people of camp. No one came to help him in any way. He was humiliated and sent away in a disgraceful manner.
9. In what way is the china man different from the refugees?
China man was kind and affectionate. He felt pity on the little boy. He invited him to his house .His wife was ready to breast feed the boy. His kindheartedness and humanity changed him form others. It was a rarely seen quality.
10. Describe how the china man’s wife behaved when she saw Mikali with her husband?
When the china man’s wife saw the baby with Mikali, her face reddened with a smile and showed utmost courtesy. She welcomed the boy happily and cheerfully.
13. What did the chairman’s wife do when she saw the famished infant?
She was excited to breast feed the boy. Really it was an ugly look at it. But she didn’t show any disgust when she saw the skeletonic body of the baby. She put the boy in her lap and breast fed him.

Let’s Revisit and RefLect

1. How did the child become a problem to Mikali and the others in the refugee camp? What impression do you get about Mikali from the way he faced the problem?

Mikali had to carry the child on his back always. The piteous cry of the baby was a great disturbance to the refugees in the camp. They had their own problems and worries. It multiplied their anxieties and hardships. They could not tolerate this anymore. He had nothing to eat and didn’t get proper sleep as he was tired and Mikali wandered like a lost soul. He faced all the problems with grit and determination.

2. Describe Mikali’s experiences in the Armenian camp and the Anatolian camp. What differences do you notice?

Mikali did not get any help from the refugees of the Armenian camp. They often chased him away from their quarters. He got the same treatment from the Anatolians. When the women saw the baby they chased him away threatening him.
3. How does the story reveal the nobility of maternity? Describe.

Mikali begged the women in the camp to beast feed the baby. But no one cared and show pity on the new born baby. Not even a single woman came forward to breastfeed the baby. But the china man’s wife was ready to give milk to the famished boy. It was a saw great message all the women in the refugees camp. She gave out a cry of immense pity t when she saw the skeletonic boy and then she pressed the babe to her heart and breast fed the boy. She upholds the importance of maternity through her kind deed.

4. Which character in the story was the most empathetic to the baby? Justify

The Chinaman’s wife was highly considerate to the baby. She was excited to breast feed the boy. Really it was an ugly look at it. But she didn’t show any disgust when she saw the skeletonic body of the baby. She put the boy in her lap and breast fed him.
5. Which character in the story do you like most? Give reasons.
I like Mikali’s character as the most kind and patient. He was ready to do anything for the sake of his brother. He sacrificed all his comfort and pleasure for his infant brother. It is hard to see a boy like him in his age. He was ready to suffer patiently all the difficulties and hardships in his life. He did not complain anything. It shows his courage and determination. It is rare to see such a noble and gentle boy in the refugee camp. Even though he was chased away by the women in the camp, he tried to protect the baby from all the harm and danger. At last he got the nursing woman to feed the baby. It was his success.

Prepared by
ashraf vvn
Hst, dghss, tanur malappuram
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