STD VIII- English Unit1 Chapter 2 The Boy Who Drew Cats Textual Question and Answer - Elegant Module - BY ASHRAF VVN

Anas Nadubail

Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us Detailed Textual activities and relevant discourses, Appreciation in a comprehensive way based on all the lessons "The Boy who Drew Cats" in the VIIIth English textbook. It is extremely beneficial for teachers and student folk. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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Unit 1 The boy who drew cats Glossary 

Acolyte – assistant, apprentice  
Awful- terrible, extremely bad 
Cabinet- a small private room 
Cautious- carefully 
Chink- crack, a narrow opening 
Enormous –very big 
Except- not included 
Fasten- fix firmly 
Fault- mistake 
Fit – suitable 
 Fright- fear 
Gently- mildly 
Lad- boy 
Monstrous- very large ugly and frightening  
Observed- found 
Principal- main 
Resolved- determined 
Severely- strictly, harshly 
Tempt- to attract or to persuade 
Terrible- dreadful 

The Boy Who Drew Cats Textual Question and Answer

1. How is the youngest child introduced in the story? 
The youngest boy is introduced as clever boy. But he is quiet, weak and small one, who is not fit for any hard work.   
2. Why did the parents take the boy to the priest? 
His parents thought that it would be better for him to become a priest than a farmer . 
3. ‘…but perhaps you will become a great artist’. Do you think the opinion of the priest about the 
boy is appropriate? Why? 
 Yes, the priest’s opinion was appropriate because wherever the boy found a place, he drew the picture of cats. 
4. What was the advice of the priest to the boy? 
 To avoid large places at night and keep to small. 
5. Why didn’t the boy go home after he left the temple? 
He was felt sure that his father would punish him for not obeying the priest. So he afraid to go home. 
6. When the boy entered the temple, he did not see anyone.  What could be the reason? 
A goblin rat had frightened the priests away and taken possession of the place. so he did not see any one in the temple. 
7. Why did he choose a small place to sleep? 
He remembered the priest’s   advice to avoid large places at night and keep to small. 
8. Where did the boy find a safe place to sleep on? 
He found a little cabinet to sleep on. 
9. What was the dreadful voice that the boy heard? 
It was the sound of the screaming and fighting between the goblin rat and the cats. 
10. How do you think the goblin rat was killed? 
The goblin rat was killed by the cats drawn by the boy. 
11. Was the advice of the priest helpful to the boy? Why? 
 Yes, He obeyed the advice of the priest to save his life by sleeping in a small cabin. He had heard the sounds of the dreadful fight between the cats and the goblin rat from the big room. 

Activity 2 

How was the goblin rat killed? Write the events that led to the death of the goblin rat to complete the flowchart given in the text 
  •  A goblin rat frightened the priests away and took possession of the temple. 
  •  The boy entered the temple and painted many cats upon the screens. 
  •  The boy found a little cabinet and went into it and fell fast sleep 
  •  The boy was awakened by a terrible noise, a noise of fighting and screaming. 
  •  The boy saw a big goblin rat, bigger than a cow lying dead on the floor. 


The boy in the story ‘The Boy Who Drew Cats’ became very famous after the death of the goblin rat.  Write the likely conversation between the priest and the boy.  
Priest : My dear boy, how are you? 
Boy : I want to tell you a surprise. 
Priest : What is it? 
Boy : You advice saved my life. 
Priest : Really? How did you save your life? 
Boy : You asked me to avoid a big place. It saved my life from a goblin. 
Priest : It is glad news. My dear boy. 
Boy    : Thank you for your care.  
Priest : That is for your safety. 
Boy : Great.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


You are secretary of the Arts Club in your school.  The club decided to honour the boy in the story’ The Boy Who Drew Cats’. Prepare a speech in your school assembly. 

Respected principal, beloved teachers and my dear friends.  A warm good morning to you all. I am happy to stand before you to say a few a words about the boy, who saved a village from a dreadful animal. It is a great time to honour the boy who made us proud with his work of art. He could send away the goblin rat from the temple. He reached the nearby village temple. But it has been abandoned because of a blood thirsty goblin.  While he was waiting for the priests, he drew cats all over the white screens there.  When he was tired, he slept in a small cabin. Because he had to obey the words of his priest. in the morning. He understood that it was the goblin rat that had frightened the priests away and 
taken possession of the temple.  He understood that it was the cats he had drawn had killed the goblin.  Thus his fine drawing saved a village from a great tragedy.  So we are proud of him. 

Character sketch The Boy Chapter 2 The Boy Who Drew Cats

The boy in the story was the youngest son of a poor farmer family. He was a small and a weak boy. His only interest was in drawing pictures of cats wherever he found place. So his parents sent him to the village priest to be trained for the priesthood. But the boy spent all his time in drawing cats. The priest got angry with him. The boy ignored priest’s warnings. He continued drawing cats. The old priest sent him out for his disobedience and careless behavior but he never felt bad. The boy left the old priest and went to a deserted temple at night. He started drawing cats on the wall of the temple. But he obeyed old priest’s advice and it saved his life. The cats he drew on the wall caused to kill the goblin rat in the vicious fight. Later he became a famous artist. 


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