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Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us  CAPSULE MODULE based on the Focus Area Chapter  Adventures in a Banyan Tree for the students preparing for SSLC  English Exam 2022. It will boost the student's confidence and vigour. It is great support for teachers. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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 Adventures in a Banyan Tree Character sketch of The Boy 

The boy is the central character in the story ‘Adventures in a Banyan Tree’. He appears to be a student. He is a great lover of nature. He lives closely with animals and birds. The banyan tree provides him with endless pleasure and enjoyment. He was keen to watch the strong fight between the mongoose and the cobra. He was glad to see the enchanting beauty of nature. He enjoys his friendship with animals
and birds there. He spends his fruitful time for reading wide variety of books. He built a small platform half up the tree to spend the afternoon. He enjoys the loving sights and sounds of nature immensely


1 Prepare a conversation between the boy and his friend 

Friend: Where were you in this vacation?
Boy: I was with my grandpa.
Friend: How was the vacation?
Boy: It was good.
Friend: Do you have any friends there?
Boy: Yes, I have many friends there.
Friend: Who is your best friend?
Boy: A grey squirrel.
Friend: It is nice.
Boy: OK.

1. The boy in the story’ Adventures in a Banyan Tree’ was very excited and thrilled at his friendship with the squirrel.  He writes a letter to his friend about his new friend.   

Garden villa, 
M.G. Road, 
2nd March 2021. 

Dear friend, 

How are you? Hope you are enjoying your vacation there.  I am also enjoying my vacation with my grandpa. My stay with my grandpa is pleasant. I got a new friend, a small grey squirrel.  It is staying here with me. It is taking cakes and biscuits from my pocket.  
Hope to meet you soon. 

Yours lovingly,  



1. Prepare a diary entry of the boy in the story ‘Adventures in a Banyan Tree’  The boy could make friendship with the young squirrel. He writes his feelings in a diary entry.  

20th  March 2021.    Monday  

It is an unforgettable day in my life. I am happy to see animals and birds there.   I got a new friend. It is a small grey squirrel. I am giving biscuits and cakes to eat it.  I am enjoying my friendship with it. It is not afraid of me. I am very happy now. It is my close friend. I love it very much. 

Adventures in a Banyan Tree Narration 

Adventures in a banyan tree is about a young boy who visitshis grandfather during his vacation.  He was a great lover of nature and enjoys friendship with them. All types of birds and animals visit there. The banyan tree was the noisiest place on the road.  All types of birds flock to the branches. The boy gets enormous pleasure with a small grey squirrel. It was not afraid of him as he had no arms with him. It takes cakes and biscuits from his pocket.  The boy was sitting on the platform half up the tree. When he looked out, he saw a huge cobra gliding out of a clump of a cactus and a grey mongoose came out from the bushes.  They came face to face. The cobra and mongoose were superb fighters. 

 He would spend the afternoon there when it was not hot. He could see the fight between a cobra and mongoose in the garden.  He could witness the fight. Mongoose was a superb fighter, clever and aggressive.  They were unaware of the presence of the boy in the tree.  Myna and crow were the spectators.  They were on the cactus.  Myna kept a safe distance from the fight.  Mongoose won the fight. Grandfather was pleased that mongoose. He encouraged it to live in the garden. The snake had eaten scraps from the kitchen.  He never tamed the mongoose. They tried to keep the snakes away from the house. 

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