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Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us the Capsule Module Chapter The Danger of a Single Story for the students to prepare for SSLC English Exam. It will boost the student's confidence and vigour. It is great to support teachers. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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A single story about something won’t give you a clear picture of it. Do you agree with the statement? Prepare a Write up supporting your answer using the points from the speech 'The danger of a single story'

Chinmamanda Ngozi Adichi is a famous African writer. She was an early reader. Her characters were American and British. Her stories were full of foreign characters. Her stories about Africa are not a poor country. There were poor and not human equals but her identity in the USA was an African. Her stories were incomplete but not untrue. Africa is only a land of animals, illiterate and uncivilized people. When she went for higher studies in the USA, her roommate was shocked when she heard speaking English fluently. They had only a vague idea about Africa. She grew up on a university campus in eastern Nigeria. The single-story creates stereotypes. Stereotype vision gives us only one side of the issue. A single-story robs people of their dignity. It does not show the whole picture of anything clearly.

Adichie as a Nigerian writer who gives us a detailed picture in her stories. In stories, Africa is regarded as the poorest county. The people are uncivilized and illiterate. They live in difficulty and unhealthy living conditions. Europeans believe that Africans don’t speak English well. That is why her roommate was wondered when she spoke English fluently. They have the notion that Africans don’t know anything about European culture and lifestyle. When Adichie talks about the songs of Mariah Carey, her roommate could not believe it.


Prepare a short profile of ChinmamandaNgoziAdichie using the hints given below
Name : ChimmamandaNgoziAdichie
Birth: September 15, 1977, Nigeria
Famous as: Nigerian novelist, nonfiction writer, short story writer
Education: Drexel University
Awards: Baileys’s Women Prize for Fiction Notable works ‘Purple Hibicus’ , ‘half of a Yellow Sun’, and’Americanah’

Chinmamanda Ngozi Adichie

The famous African writer ChinmamandaNgoziAdichie was born on September 15, 1977, in Nigeria. She was famous as a Nigerian novelist, nonfiction writer, and short story writer. She was educated at Drexel University. She was awarded the Bailey’s Women Prize for Fiction. Her notable works are ‘purple ‘hibicus’, ‘Half of yellow sun’, and ‘Americanah’.


Adichie’s visit to Fide’s family gives her a stunning experience. She jots down her feelings and experiences in her diary after reaching her home. Write the likely diary entry.

25th November 2022, Monday.
It is an unforgettable day. I was really shocked and wondered when we visited Fide’s home in the village. It was astonishing to see the beautifully patterned basket of dyed raffia. It was done by his brother. I was amazed to see such a delicate basket in his home. I didn’t expect such an incredible construction in their house. I had heard only about their poverty and I did not know anything about their
family. This visit brought more interesting details about Fide’s family. It opened up a new world before me. How skillful they are!


1. Prepare a conversation between the roommate and Adichie
Roommate : Glad to meet you
Adichie : Sure. It surprises me a lot.
Roommate: Are you from Nigeria?
Adichie: Yes.
Roommate : You speak English fluently.
Adichie : We used to speak English in Nigeria.
Roommate : oh, That is well.
Adichie : It is my pleasure.
Roommate : I would like to know more about you
Adichie : of course
Roommate : We got a wonderful idea about your country
Roommate : Certainly.
Adichie : See you soon.

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