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Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us the ELEGANT MODULE of the Chapter The Snake and the Mirror in IX th English textbook. It will boost the student's confidence and vigour. It is great to support teachers. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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Earnings – money received as wages
Earth shaking- great
Encounter- to meet somebody unexpectedly
Feebly – in a weak manner
Full-blooded - strong
Lurk- to wait for someone secretly
Meager- very small
Reedy person  - a tall and thin person
Resume - to start again
Slither - to move unsteadily
Sprinter - one who can run very fast
Take off - remove
Tremble -  shiver
Wriggle - to move forward by twisting and turning


The Snake and the mirror’ is a wonderful story written by the famous Malayalam writer Vaikom Mohammed Basheer. It is a story about the lonely life of a doctor. He had just started medical
practice and his earnings were meager. So he could not live in a comfortably furnished house.
The house was not electrified and it was full of rats. But his dream and ambitions were in
contrast to this. He was a great admirer of beauty and he believed in making himself handsome.
He married a woman who was thin and slender. He thought of marrying a woman who should have plenty of money and should have a good medical practice. She should be fat so that she
should not be able to catch him whenever he makes a mistake in his life.

He speaks about the contradiction between his dream about his wife and how she was in reality.
His aesthetic sense is really appreciable. He considers himself to be handsome and he takes
earthshaking decisions such as keeping a good smile on his face, shaving daily and keeping a thin
mustache etc.

While he was sitting on the chair after dinner, he heard a sound from the roof. He felt that it was
a normal sound. After some time he was shocked to see that a cobra slithered on his shoulder and
coiled around his arm. He arm grew weak and lifeless. He met death face to face. It went to the
mirror and crept in to the table. He ran out and went to his friend’s house. He narrated the
terrible incident to his friend. He felt that he was a poor, foolish stupid doctor. He smiled feebly
at himself. When he reached at his house from friend, most of his valuable belongings were
stolen leaving back his only dirty vest.


Write the short profile of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer using the hints given below.

Birth : January 19, 1908, Thalayolaparambu, Vaikom
Occupation: novelist, short story writer
Other activities: humanist, freedom fighter
Famous as:Beypore Sultan
Works :Balyakalasakhi, Shabdangal, Pathummayude Aadu, Mathilukal
Awards :PadmaShri (1982),Kerala State Film for best story(1989),Lalithambika
Antharjanam Award (1992),vallathol Award(1993)and Muttathu Varkey Award(1993)
Death: July 5, 1994, Beypore, Kozhikode

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

The famous Indian writer ,Vaikom Muhammad Basheer was born on January19, 1908 at
Thalayalaparambu in Vaikom. He was a humanist, freedom fighter, novelist and short story
writer. He was famous as Beypore Sultan. Some of his major works are Balykalasakhi,
Shabdangal, Pathummayude aadu and Mathilukal. He was honored with Padmasri in 1982.
Kerala state Film Award for the best story in 1989,Lalithambika Antharjanam Award in 1992,
Vallathol Award in 1993 and Muttathu workey Award in 1993. He passed away on July 5, 1994
at Beypore in kozhikode.

The English Club of your school had decided to stage the story ‘The Snake and the Mirror’
in your school. As the Secretary of the English Club, prepare a notice informing the students about the program.



Dear friends,
The English club of our school has decided to enact the story “The Snake and the Mirror” by
Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer. The show will be on 26.6.2022 at 10 am in our school
auditorium. It will be inaugurated by the famous screenplay writer C. Nadirsha . All are
cordially invited to enjoy the programme.

Aluva Secretary
20.6.2022. English Club


The Homeopath is a chief character in the story ‘The Snake and the Mirror’is written by Vaikom
Mohammed Basheer. It deals with an encounter between a doctor and a snake. The doctor is a
young, handsome and eligible bachelor. He was living in a rented room and it was an un-electrified house. The house was full of rats. As he was an admirer of beauty, he took earth-shaking decisions. He should shave daily and grow a thin mustache to look more handsome.
He would always keep an attractive smile on his face as he was a handsome bachelor's doctor. He
has a good humor sense too. He is also very humble and simple in nature. He would marry a
young doctor who had plenty of money and good medical practice. He felt pity for himself
when he knew that he didn’t have the necessary medicine to resist the snake bite.



The doctor in the story The Snake and the Mirror writes about his encounter with the snake. The next day he jotted down his experience in his diary. Prepare the diary entry giving all the details.

10th JULY Tuesday2022.

What a horrifying experience it was! I can’t wipe out from my memory. It is a strange incident in
my life. I can’t imagine how I encountered with a snake. It was a terrible feeling to think about it.
A full blooded cobra slithered into my shoulder and coiled around my arm all of a sudden. After
some time it unwounded itself from my arm. It crept on to the table and moved towards the
mirror. I ran out of my room in a great shock and wonder. Somehow I managed to reach my
friend’s house. Thank God for His blessing.


1. Prepare a conversation between the doctor and his friend

Friend : What happened? Are you scared?
Doctor : I am scared. I need rest. Let me sit here first.
Friend : Ok. Drink a glass of water. Please have a rest
Doctor : My heart beats faster.
Friend : Don’t worry. Have you seen anything horrible?
Doctor : A snake fell on my shoulder.
Friend : Did it bite you?
Doctor : No, somehow I ran out of my room.
Friend Where is the snake now?
Doctor : It went out of my room. It was my luck.
Friend : Nothing to worry. Now you are safe here.
Doctor: Thank you.


1. The doctor wishes to write a letter to his friend describing his terrible experience after escaping from the snake.

Rocky cottage
Main Road
Kannur .

17th July2022.
My dear friend,
How are you? Hope you are fine. I want to tell you a strange incident that worried me
enormously. When I reached my room after dinner, suddenly I heard the noise from the roof. I
was surprised to see a full blooded cobra was wriggling over the back of my chair. I could not
move as I was frightened. The snake slithered from shoulder to arm. It spread its hood and stared
at me for some time. Somehow I managed to escape from there and ran to my friend’s home. I
met death face to face. I don’t know how I spent the time there. It was a miraculous escape
Convey my regards to all at home.
Yours lovingly,

2. The doctor’s friend decides to write a letter consoling him after the miraculous escape from the snake bite.

Grace Villa,
Main Road,
18th JULY 2022.

Dear friend,

How are you? Hope you are fine. How is your vacation? I was great relieved to know that you
had a miraculous escape from the snake bite. It is your great luck. God has blessed you
immensely. Let me congratulate you for your presence of mind and bravery. Nothing to worry. I
know you have managed easily. You have exhibited your will power and strength. Your
experience must have taught you many things in your life. Definitely such things will alter our
Now you have to concentrate on your work and nothing will stop you from working hard and
achieving your goal. Many of our friends are talking about your valour and courage. Now you
are a hero in our locality.

Convey my best regards to all at home.
Yours lovingly,

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