Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us CAPSULE MODULE based on the Chapter The Project Tiger for the students preparing for SSLC English Exam. It will boost the student's confidence and vigour. It is great to support for teachers. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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Amazement- surprise 
Amble- to walk at a slow in relaxed pace 
Ardent – very enthusiastic  
Coil- to wind 
Customary- habitual 
Drape- to cover 
Futile- invain attempt 
Impressive- feel admiration  
Instantly- at once 
Merge- combine 
Obvious – clear 
Perch- to stay on a branch 
Perspective- a view 
Petrified-frightened, terrified  
Prance – move with high steps 
Protagonist –principal performer  
Raven – a kind of crow 
Reverently- respectfully 
Robust- strong and healthy 
Sedately- very calmly 
Sprang- jumped 
Startled- shocked due to surprise 
Tackled- dealt with 
Tripod- a support with three legs for a camera 

Profile is a short description of a person’s life and career. It highlights the personal details and major achievements of the person described.   Given data should be prioritized and linked logically.  

Prepare a short profile of Satyajith Ray, the Bengali film maker using the hints given below 
Born : May 2, 1921 Kolkata 
Nationality : Indian 
Famous as : writer, producer, screen writer, lyricist, composer 
Awards :Bharat Ratna 
Education :Viswa Bharati university presidency college, Kolkata 
Inspired by :French film maker Jean Renoir and Italian film maker Vittorio Desica who produced the neo-realist film ‘bicycle thieves 
died : April 23 ,1992,Kolkata 

Satyajith Ray 
The famous Indian film maker, Satyajith Ray was born on May 2 ,1921 in Kolkata. He was educated at Presidency College Kolkata and Viswa Bharathy University . He was inspired by the French film maker Jean Renoir and Italian Film maker Vittorico De Sica who produced the neo-realist film Bicycle Thieves.  He was famous as one of the greatest film makers of his time.   He was also a writer, producer, screen writer, lyricist and composer.  He was awarded the highest civilian award the Bharat Ratna.  He died on April 23, 1992 in Kolkata. 


Write up  

Satyajith Ray took pains to shoot the scene with a tiger for his film “Goopy Gyne Bhaga Byne”. Prepare a write up describing the difficulties Ray experienced in shooting the scene. 

Satyajiht Ray wanted to shoot his film Goopy Gyne Bhaga Byne” with a trained tiger.  He approached the bharath circus to arrange a tiger to use in his film. The company was visiting Calcutta then. He sought the permission of the manager and he gave permission to use it. Then they made arrangements with the ringmaster Mr. Thorat to bring the tiger.  

Ray and his team found a suitable bamboo grove in Notun Gram, a small village. Mr. Thorat reached the village with two well fed tigers. It was brought in the lorry specially designed to bring them. The Camera was placed on the tripod for shooting the scene. The two characters were freezing seeing the ferocious tiger.  He faced greater challenges to shoot the film with the tiger. He understood that it was difficult to shoot the film with a tiger. It has to play a  dominant role in the film. Safety was another big hurdle in front of him. Ray was doubtful of the success of film.  

He was worried and concerned about the safety of the people. There was a lot of panic and commotion. The tiger had to come out of a thick grove, walk around for some time. Look at the camera and go back. When the door was opened, the tiger sprang out and began to jump with big steps. When the tiger calmed down, they started taking the shots. Ray and team returned to Calcutta and they examined the camera.  But they were shocked to see that shots were not clear. Camera did not work properly time and the shots were dark. So the scenes had to be taken again. It was a difficult task for them. They found another bamboo grove near Calcutta at Boral. Once again the lorry arrived with a tiger. The whole village came to witness the shooting. He had a tough time to manage the crowd. Nobody listened to their warning. He was worried about the success of the shooting.  When the tiger was released from the cage, it emerged with a loud roar and charged at the villagers. It caused a big commotion and trouble. The people disappeared in no time. Because the whole village had come to watch the shooting. Nothing unfortunate happened. It was a big relief as everything ended in great success.   


1. Imagine Satyajith  Ray wrote a letter to his friend narrating the effort taken to get a tiger and the risk involved in shooting the scene. Prepare the likely letter.  

Grand Road 
Mumbai  24. 
14thAugust, 2021 

 Dear Syam, 
 How are you? Hope you are fine. I am busy with my new project. It is my new film ‘Goopy Gyne, Bagha Byne’. It is progressing well. I had a tough time with a ‘tiger scene in the film last week. There was an important scene which takes place in a forest where two characters see a tiger. I had to arrange a trained tiger to shoot the film.  We searched everywhere for the tiger. It was a difficult task to get it. We approached the Bharath Circus to obtain the tiger.  We hired a tiger for two hours. When the tiger was released from the cage, the tiger emerged with loud roar and charged at the crowd. We had to shoot the scene again as our camera failed to work. All the arrangements were made again. The attempt was quite successful.  Hope to meet you soon. 

With love  


1. Satyajith  Ray writes a letter to the manager asking him to supply a tiger to shoot the film.  Draft the likely letter. 

Lovely Hills, 
25th June 2021. 

The Manager,  
The Bharath circus company 


I am Satyajith Ray, a film director. We have been planning to shoot my new film for a few days here. We need a tiger to shoot our film ‘Goopy Gyne  Bagha Byne’. There is a scene in which the hero meets a tiger in a forest. I need its service only for a few hours. We have already obtained the approval of the concerned authorities of the Animal welfare board in this regard.  I kindly request you to give me a trained tiger to shoot my film. Hope you would consider my request favourably. Thank you 
Yours sincerely,  

2. Imagine that Ray writes a letter to the chairman Animal welfare board of India, informing him that the details of the shoot and ensuring the rules regarding the protection of animals will be strictly followed.  

City Line  
15th August 2021. 

The Chairman 
Animal welfare Board, 
Sub: Seeking permission to use the tiger in my film  
Dear Sir,  
I am writing this letter to inform you about the details of shooting of my film ‘Goopy Gyne, Bagha Byne’. We have been planning to shoot this film with a tiger. There was a major scene with the tiger in the film. It has a dominant role to play in the film. We have approached the bharath circus to get the tiger. They have agreed to give the tiger. I assure you that I will strictly follow the terms and conditions  laid by of prevention of cruelty towards animals.  I am looking forward to getting your prompt response. Therefore, I kindly request you to grant me permission to use the tiger in my film. 
Thank you  

Yours sincerely,  


1. Satyajith Ray meets the manager of the Bharath Circus asking for a trained tiger for shooting his film. Prepare a conversation between them 

Satyajith Ray : Good morning sir, 
Manager : Good morning, how can I help you? 
Satyajith Ray : Will you please arrange a tiger for me? 
Manager : Why do you need this ferocious animal? 
Satyajith Ray : I need a tiger for my new film. 
Manager : When do you need it? 
Satyajith Ray : We need this week. It is necessary for my film. 
Manager : How much time do you need its service? 
Satyajith Ray : Hardly two hours 
Manager : That is fine. 
Satyajith Ray : Thank you. 

2. Satyajith Ray meets the manager of the Bharath Circus after successful shooting of his film. Prepare a conversation congratulating him.  

Ray : Good morning. 
Manager : Good morning Ray. Glad to meet you. 
Ray : It is pleasure to see you again. 
Manager : That is true. It was a great film. 
Ray : You deserve a lot of appreciation, don’t you? 
Manager : What a pleasant surprise! 
Ray : Really. We would like to honor you. 
Manager : That is surprising me. 
Ray : We can’t forget your role in it. 
Manager : It is a great privilege for me. 
Ray : Why not. See you soon. 
Manager : Sure. 

Newspaper report 

Shooting the film with a tiger 
Kolkata : A big crowd gathered to witness a film shooting scene with a tiger. Renowned filmmaker, Ray was the director of the film ‘Goopy Gyne  Bagha Byne’. The whole village to come to see the scene. People were wonderstruck to see the tiger. The team had made all the arrangements to shoot the film with the tiger. When the cage was opened, the tiger emerged from the cage and charged at the people who had gathered behind the camera.  All of a sudden, they were panic and started running for their life. It presented some anxious moments .The team made all their effort to calm down the tiger. It was a successful shooting. It provides thrilling and relishing experience to the excited crowd.  



Satyajith Ray took pains to shoot the film ‘Goopy Gyne  Bagha Byne’. He decided to write a diary entry expressing his feelings and emotions. 

20th August Thursday 2021. 

 What a depressing day it is! We had to take a hard task to obtain the tiger to shoot the film.  I was not sure about the success of my film “Goopy Gyne  Bagha Byne’. The tiger behaved improperly when it was released from the cage. It charged at the crowd. The whole village had come to witness the scene. I had a tough time to control the crowd. They were impatient and restless .When we checked the scene in the camera, it was not clear. We had to reshoot the entire scene after bringing the tiger again. The timely intervention of Mr. Thorat was a great a help.  We breathed a sigh of relief at last. Our hard efforts ended in success.  


Prepared  by Ashraf VVN 

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