SSLC English Unit 1 Glimpse of Green Sprinter Module By Ashraf VVN


Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us  SPRINTER MODULE UNIT 1 Glimpses of Green for slow learners. It ensures all the relevant questions with concise answers. It will boost the student's confidence and vigour. It is a great support for teachers. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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Prepare a short profile of Ruskin bond using the hints given below 
Name : Ruskin Bond 
Born : 19 May 1934 Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh in India 
Lives : in Mussoorie 
Occupation : Novelist, Short story writer 
Major Works : The Angry River, Our Trees still Grow I Dehra, A short Story Collections 
Honours : Padma Shri(1999), Life Time Achievement Award(2017) 

Ruskin Bond  

The famous Indian writer Ruskin Bond was born on 19 May 1934  at  Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, in India. He is famous as a novelist and a  short story writer. His notable works are ‘The Room on the Roof’, ‘The Angry River’ and our Trees Still Grow in Dehra. Ruskin Bond won the Sahithya Akadami Award in 1992, Padma Shri in 1999 and Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. Ruskin Bond now lives in Mussoorie. 
Prepare a short profile of William Wordsworth using the hints given below 
Born : 7 April ,1770, Cocker mouth, England 
Occupation : Romantic English poet 
Major works : Daffodils, Lucy grey, Tintern Abbey, the Prelude 
Honours : poet laureate in 1843 
Death : 23April, 1850 

 William Wordsworth  

The famous poet, William Wordsworth was born on 7 April, 1770 at Cocker mouth, in England.  He was a great romantic poet.  His major works were Daffodils, Lucy Grey, Tintern Abbey and The Prelude etc.  He was the poet Laureate of England in 1843.  He died on 23 April 1850. 
Write the short profile of VaikomMuhammad  Basheer using the hints given below 
Birth : January 19,1908, Thalayolaparambu, Vaikom 
Occupation : Novelist, short story writer 
Other activities :humanist, freedom fighter 
Famous as :Beypore Sultan 
Works :Balyakalasakhi, Shabdangal, PathummayudeAadu, Mathilukal 
Awards :PadmaShri(1982),Kerala State Film for best story(1989),LalithambikaAntharjanam Award (1992),vallathol Award(1993)and MuttathuVarkey Award(1993) 
Death :July 5, 1994, Beypore, Kozhikode 

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

The famous Indian  writer ,Vaikom Muhammad Basheer was born on January19, 1908 at Thalayalaparambu in Vaikom.  He was a humanist, freedom fighter, novelist and short story writer.  He was famous as Beypore  Sultan. His major works are Balykalasakhi, Shabdangal, Pathummayude aadu and Mathilukal. He was awarded Padmasri in 1982. Kerala state Film Award for the best story in 1989,Lalithambika Antharjanam Award in 1992, Vallathol Award in 1993 and Muttathu workey Award in 1993. He died on July 5, 1994 at Beypore in kozhikode. 


The English club of your school has decided to conduct a film festival. Prepare a notice with all details 


Dear friends, 

The English club of our school has decided to conduct a film festival in our school. 

Date :05/9/2022 
Inauguration: :MLA 
Time :10.00 am 
Venue: :School Auditorium 

All are welcome. 

English club

The English club of your school decided to stage the play the snake and the mirror. Prepare a notice 



Dear friends, 
    The English club of our school has decided to stage the play “The snake and the mirror” in our school. 

Date 15 /7/2022 
Inauguration :Headmaster 
Time: 10.00 am 
Venue: School hall 
All are welcome. 


English club

The English club of your school has decided to conduct a seminar on child labour. Prepare a notice. 


Dear friends,  
The English club of our school has decided to conduct a seminar on ‘child labour’ in our school. 
Date:    15.9.2022 
Time :   10 AM 
Inauguration : Headmaster 
Venue :  School hall 
All are welcome 
English club


1. The boy in the story’ Adventures in a Banyan Tree’ was very excited and thrilled at his friendship with the squirrel.  He writes a letter to his friend. 

Garden villa, 
M.G. Road, 
12th March 2022
Dear Fasil, 

How are you? Hope you are fine. I am writing this letter with a special purpose. I want to share an interesting experience with you. I am happy and excited. I am enjoying my vacation with my grandpa. I got a new friend.  It is a small squirrel.  It is my close friend.   

Hope to meet you soon.  
Yours lovingly,  

2. The doctor wishes to write a letter to his friend describing his terrible experience. 

Rose villa 
Main Road 
17th August 2022. 

My dear friend,  
How are you? Hope you are fine. I want to tell you a shocking experience. I was sitting on the chair.  I reached my room after dinner. I heard the noise from the roof.  I was shocked to see a snake. I ran to my friend’s home. I don’t know anything.  I saved my life.  

Hope to meet you soon.  
Yours lovingly, 


1. Prepare the likely diary entry of the boy on his friendship with the squirrel. 

27th March 2022. Monday 
It is an unforgettable experience. I am happy and excited. I got a new friend. It is a small grey squirrel.  I am giving biscuits and cakes to eat itNow it is my close friend. I am enjoying my friendship with it. 

 2. The doctor prepares a dairy entry after his encounter with a snake.   

27th March 2022. Monday 
It is an unforgettable experience. I was sad and upset.  It is a shocking experience in my life. A cobra fell on my shoulder. After some time, it moved towards the mirror. I could not move. I was scared.  I ran to my friend’s house. I saved my life. Thank God for saving my life. 

Character sketches  

The boy is the chief character in the story ‘Adventures in a Banyan Tree’. He is a student. He is a great lover of nature.  He lives closely with animals and birds with him. The banyan tree gives him much pleasure and enjoyment. He was watching the strong fight between the mongoose and the cobra.  He was glad to see the enchanting beauty of nature. He enjoys his friendship with animals and birds there. He spends his free time for reading books. He built a small platform half up the tree. He spends his free time there.  He enjoys the loving sights and sounds of nature. 
The Homeopath is a chief character in the story ‘The snake and the Mirror’ written by Vaikom Mohammed Basheer.  It deals with a fight between a doctor and a snake. The doctor is a young and poor. He was living in a small rented room. The room was full of rats. He was a handsome bachelor doctor.  He has a good humor sense too. He would marry a young doctor. She had a plenty of money and a good medical practice.  


  1. What was your dream? 
  2. Who is your role model? 
  3. What is your next project? 
  4. Tell us more about yourself? 
  5. What is your hobby? 


Narrate the fight between mongoose and cobra 
‘Adventures in a Banyan Tree’ is an interesting story. The boy was sitting his grandfather in his vacation. The boy was sitting in an old banyan tree. It was his grandfather’s plot. He got a new friend there. It was a small grey squirrel. He feeds it with cakes and biscuits. It takes food from his pocket. The tree was full of small red figs. Different kinds of birds and animals come there every day. It becomes the noisiest place there.  
The boy reads many books. He sits on the platform on the tree. He watches the fight between cobra and the mongoose. It was a fight between two warriors. It was an exciting experience to see the fight. The mongoose won the fight. Grandfather was happy with it.  

The doctor encounters with snake  
The story was about a young and poor doctor. He was the narrator of the story. He lives in a small rented room. It was full of rats. It had troubled the doctor very much. He could not sleep properly.  He likes the beauty very much. He likes to marry a fat and rich lady. He wants to look more handsome.
He was sitting on a chair.  He heard a sound from above. He looked back and saw a snake. It fell on his shoulder. It moved towards the mirror. He sat like a stone image.   He was shocked to see a snake. He ran to his friend’s house. It was a shocking experience. He had no medicine his room to treat him for the bite.   

Appreciation of poem 

Lines written in Early Spring   Appreciation of poem 
Lines written in Early Spring is a beautiful poem by famous nature poet, William words worth. It describes about the beauty of nature. It is an interesting poem. The poet stresses the relation between the man and nature. The poet looks at the happy birds, animals flowers and plants. They are really happy and excited. The poet was listening to the sights and sounds of nature.  
The poet was sitting with full of satisfaction .He was in a sweet mood. He was a nature lover. He says that nature is for us. The poet wants to do good things for nature. He says that our life is closely connected with nature. It is our duty to protect nature from all harm. But the poet was sad at the wrong doings of man to the nature. He destroys the nature. The man is cruel to nature. So our happiness is lost forever. It is against the holy plan of nature.  It pains the poet very much. The poem is full of rich images. It makes the poem more appealing.  


1. Read the newspaper headline and answer the questions given below 
  • Three express trains will be introduced. 
  • Messi scored 23rd goal in the match. 
  • Onion price rises in India. 
  • Free sports kit for all students  
  • Kohli hits a sparkling century. 
  1. The headline that is related to football is ------------- 
  2. What will cheer the students? 
  3. Which is the glad news for the passengers? 
  4. Which headline is related to cricket? 
  5. What is shocking news to customers? 

Prepared BY 
Ashraf VVN
Hst, DGHSS, Tanur Malappuram 
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