SSLC English Unit 2 The Frames Sprinter Module By Ashraf VVN


Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us  Sprinter Module Unit 2 The Frames for slow learners. It ensures all the relevant questions with concise answers. It will boost the student's confidence and vigor. It is great support for teachers. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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Prepare a short profile of Majid Majidi using the hints given below 

Born : April 17, 1959,Thehran, Iran 
Education : Institute of Dramatic Arts, Tehran 
Known as : Film director, Producer, Screen writer 
Famous Films : Children of Heaven, The Color of Paradise, Baran, the willow Tree 
Awards : Grand Prix Award 
Nomination : Children of Heaven, for the Academy Award for the best foreign language film. 

Majid Majidi 
The famous Iraninan film director Majid Majidi was born on 17 April 1959 at Tehran in Iran. His education was at Institute of Dramatic Arts, Tehran. He is famous as a film director, producer and screen writer. His notable works are The Colour of Paradise , Baran and The willow Tree.  He was awarded the Grand Prix Award .Majidi directed the film ’Children of Heaven’ which was nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film. 
Prepare a short profile of Satyajit Ray,the Bengali film maker using the hints given below 
Born : May 2, 1921 Kolkata 
Nationality : Indian 
Famous as : writer, producer, screen writer, lyricist, composer 
Education :Viswa Bharati university presidency college, Kolkata 
Inspired by : French film maker Jean Renoir and Italian film maker Vittorio Desica Who produced the neo-realist film ‘Bicycle Thieves 
Awards :Bharat Ratna 
Died : April 23, 1992,Kolkata 

Satyajith Ray 
The famous Indian film maker Satyajith Ray , was born on May 2 ,1921 in Kolkata.   He was famous as a writer, producer, screen writer, lyricist and composer. He was educated at Presidency College Kolkata and Viswa Bharathy University. He was inspired by the French film maker Jean Renoir and Italian Film maker Vittorio De Sica who produced the neo-realist film Bicycle Thieves.  He won the Bharat Ratna. He died on April 23, 1992 in Kolkata. 


The Film Club of your school has decided to organize a film festival.  Prepare a notice with all the details inviting the students to participate in the festival. 


Dear friends, 

The Film Club of our school has decided to conduct a film festival on 24th August 2022 at 10 am in the school auditorium. The famous film director Mr. Lal Jose will be the chief guest in the festival.  

All are welcome 

Aluva Secretary

10.08. 2022 
English club 

Informal letter  

Satyajith Ray wrote a letter to his friend explaining his difficulty in shooting the film. Prepare the likely letter.  

Garden villa, 
Main Road 
14th March, 2022 
Dear Philip, 

How are you?  Hope you are fine.  I am writing this letter with a special purpose. I am busy with my new project. My new film is ‘Goopy Gyne, Bagha Byne’. It is going on well. It is an important scene in a forest. I want to get a trained tiger.  It was difficult to shoot a film with a tiger. Now it is done well. 
Share my love to all. 

Yours lovingly,  

Ali was shocked after missing his sister Zahra’s shoe. He writes a letter to his friend describing his difficulty. 

Garden villa  
MG Road 
18th August 2022. 
My dear friend,  

How are you? Hope you are fine. I am fine here. I am writing this letter with a special purpose. I am very sad and confused. My sister’s shoe was missing in the vegetable shop. She can’t go to school. My parents can’t buy news shoes. They are facing some other problems. Please help me. Convey my love to all. 
Yours lovingly,  


Satyajit Ray writes the diary entry expressing his feelings and emotions after shooting his film with much difficulty 

 20th May 2022.  Monday 


It is an unforgettable day in my life. Shooting the film was difficult. My new film is “Goopy Gyne  Bagha Byne’. The tiger behaved badly. Thorat saved me. He is helpful and hard working.  Our shooting was successful.  I am happy now. Thank God for saving me. 
Zahra wrote down the diary expressing her feelings and thoughts after losing her shoes. 


2nd June 2022. Monday 

It was an unhappy day in my life. Ali lost my shoes in the market. My father has no money to buy new shoes. I don’t want to disturb my parents.  How can I go to school without my shoes? It is my fate. Oh my God, please help me to find the shoes. 

Ali was very sad when he lost his sister’s shoes. Write a diary entry expressing his feelings. 

1st June 2022, Friday 

It is an unforgettable day in my life. My sister’s shoe is missing. She can’t go to school without her shoes .How can I tell my father. He has no money to buy new shoes He will beat me. I am scared of my father. Oh my God, please help me to find the shoes 


Satyajith Ray meets the manager of the Bharath Circus after his movie becomes a hit. Prepare a conversation 

Ray : Good morning. 
Manager : Good morning, Ray. 
Ray : I want to tell you my pleasure 
Manager : What is it? 
Ray : My film is a big hit. 
Manager : That is good. 
Ray : your effort is good 
Manager : That is fine. It is glad to hear it. 
Ray : See you later 
Manager : Sure. 
Ray : Ok. 


PREPARE a SHORT NARRATIVE on shooting the film 

It is difficult to shoot a film with a tiger. We faced some problems. I was not sure of the success of the film. We needed a trained tiger to shoot the film. We got it from the bharath circus. They brought it in a lorry to the location. it has to play a major role in the film. It was left free in the open forest. I was worried about the safety of the people. The whole village came to watch the scene.  There was a lot of panic. Our camera did not work properly for some time. The shots were dark. Later camera was ok.  Nobody listened to our warning.  The tiger emerged from the cage with loud roar. It charged at the villagers. People ran for their life. I was worried and tensed about the success of our film. But we managed the tiger. It behaved nicely. We could take the scene correctly. It was a successful shooting. 


The film director Satyajith Ray came to your school to inaugurate the school film festival.  You are asking him questions after the inauguration. Write five questions that you can ask him. 

  1. What was your dream? 
  2. Who is your best writer? 
  3. Who is your role model? 
  4. What is your next film? 
  5. What is your hobby? 

Prepared  by  
Ashraf  VVN 
HST, Dghss , tanur, malappuram 
To join  our Wats up group   7736752752 

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