discourses based on the lesson "Rosa Parks Sat Still" in the English text book of Std 8 Unit 3. 

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November 29, 1955
Dear Diary,
Today, on my way home from work, I had to stand on the bus.  After I paid my fare, got off the bus to walk around to the back, and got back on, I realized it was already very full.  There was barely enough room to stand, let alone sit after my long day at work.  There was even a little girl standing because the white folk wouldn't let her sit!  I couldn't believe how insensitive they were being, including the bus driver.  Of course, the whites on the front of the bus were seated comfortably, all spread out and taking up seats for their important brief cases and whatnot.  This isn't the first time I've felt frustrated on the bus.  Not only are we forced to sit (or stand) in the back, but we have to pay our fare and then get back off the bus so we don't walk through the white section.  As if they're going to catch something from us!  I don't understand what makes the white people believe they're better than us blacks, but I'm getting awfully frustrated with them and their superior mindset.  Pretty soon, somebody's going to have to do something about the way the busses are working around here. They can call what's going 'separate but equal,' but they aren't fooling me or any of the other black folk.  Raymond has been getting fed up also; I feel like that poor man is going to snap if we don't see some changes around here.
God Bless,
Rosa Louise Parks

News Paper Report

Rosa parks refused to move and that has changed the lives of millions. Based on your reading of the lesson prepare a newspaper report on Rosa Park's arrest.

Montgomery,December1,1955: A black woman was arrested yesterday for allegedly breaking laws of Montgomery province. The woman, Rosa Parks as she was called is a seamstress at a departmental store. It was reported that she refused to give her seat to the white man even after the driver’s repeated orders. The police was called and Rosa was arrested and fined . The police said she had no qualms about breaking the law. She said it was an unfair one segregating human beings on the colour of their skin. It is assumed that the black community would soon resort to protests to release Rosa Parks. The authority has equipped itself with the maximum number of personnel to face this. unexpected protests.


Rosa Parks was arrested by the police for breaking the law. The black people ,gather in large groups to protest against this arrest. Deliver a speech in front of the gathering on racial discrimination.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today we are gathered here for a special reason. We know that Rosa Parks who refused to give her seat to the white man is arrested by the police and she is in jail now. As we are all black and face the same predicament, we should stand united to give her justice. We have been facing this  discrimination for decades. Now that we have got someone to fight for justice ,we should not take our steps back. We must fight until death so that the law be made just. We are all human beings and therefore have equal rights to be treated as equals. How can they discriminate us  just because the colour of our skin is dark. We do pay the same fare, We do the same work nothing more or nothing less. Hence ,my dear friends ,it is the duty of each one of us not to succumb to the iron fists of the white people to suppress us. Let us unite for this noble cause. Let us show them how strong and  determined we are! Our forefathers were but silent victims of this inhuman practice .But we shall not tolerate this any longer. Today ,we together take a strong decision not to use any of the Montgomery private buses. Instead we would walk to our workplaces or would devise some other means to reach our destination. I request each of you to join in this cause , Let us walk for our freedom.
Thank you

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