Discourses based on the lesson "Listen to the Mountain" in the English text book of Std IX Unit 3. 

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Major Characters

GRANDMOTHER —Ninety year old. Great grandmother, wise and sensitive lived in the village all her life, great love for nature, birds, fishes, trees, flowers and animals are her friend. Shocked and upset at the plan to build a hotel in Dharmagiri.

NARAYAN – School Headmaster. loves the village and villagers, devoted to the cause of protecting nature, determined to find a solution.

RAMANNA - tea-shop owner. Concerned about the hotel coning up at Dharmagiri. Feels that villagers opinion should have been taken, cannot think of going against traditions and of villagers.

SAGAR - building contractor of Mr Dixit, representative of man Who looks down upon the village and villagers. Materialistic as well as ambitious. Not concerned about the age old belief of the villagers.

DIXIT - millionaire industrialist, business minded. Does not understand the sentiments of villagers,

Minor Characters

·         SHASTRI

·         KANNAN

·         RUDRAPPA

Main Events

Scene I

Ø  Monologue of the grandmother.

Ø  Grandmother speaks about her village on the slopes of the Dharmagiri hills.

Ø  The village set amidst the Dharmagiri hills in natural beauty

Ø  Grandmother had a tough but happy life.

Ø  The river, trees, flowers, birds, and animals are all her friends.

Ø  Grandmother is distressed on hearing the shocking news from her grandson.

Scene 2

Ø  Sagar, the building contractor, informs the villagers of Dixit's plan to build a five-star hotel in the village.

Ø  Villagers are shocked to hear of plan.

Ø  Villagers are cannot accept the idea of a five-star hotel as it would destroy the village.

Ø  The villagers feel that there is no need for a multistoried hotel in their village which has a population of only 500 people

Ø  Sagar mocks that he villagers calling them ignorant and dumb.

Ø  Sagar says that the people who lose their houses will handsomely compensated.

Ø  Dixit is very influential and has clinched the deal to construct the hotel



Scene 3

Ø  Narayan. Ramanna. Kannan. Shastri and Rudrappa meet at the tea-shop to discuss about the hotel

Ø  Ramanna considers it foolish to build a hotel in their village.

Ø  Kannan is of the opinion that hotel will bring in more tourists and hence more money.

Ø  Shastri informs the villagers that it is dangerous to construct a hotel on Dharmagiri.

Ø  Dharmagiri cannot support a structure  taller than thirty feet.

Scene 4

Ø  Grandmother is worried about what would happen to the animals, birds, trees and river.

Ø  She advises Narayan to speak  to the children as tomorrow’s world their world.

Ø  She mocks the rich saying ‘big people with small hearts will swallow this village of ours’.

Scene 5

Ø  Children lead by Narayan protest against the construction.

Ø  They present a petition to Dixit

Ø  Dixit refuses to budge and calls the petition nonsense.

Ø  Landslide occurs in village killing eleven people including two children.


·         Landslide at Dharmagiri


·         Nature always speaks if we care to listen.


Some of The villages go to meet Sagar to discuss the hotel construction. Prepare a conversation between them

Sagar               : Why are you here men?

Narayan          : We have a serious issue to discuss with you

Sagar               : serious issue? What is it?

Narayan          : We want you to stop building the hotel here

Sagar               : How dare you ask me to stop it? We are doing it for you

Narayan          : We don't want anything to destroy the serenity of our village. Moreover it is dangerous to the


Sagar               : But we are doing nothing to the mountain. your village is going to be a famous tourist place

Sasthriji           : Dharmagiri cannot hold a structure more than 30 feet. it is so dangerous. Sagar you think you

                          know more than our engineers from big cities?

Ramanna         : Never.but it is an old belief.

Sagar               : I don't care,we are going to start the work tomorrow.



Prepare the petition of the villages to be given to Mr Dixit


The villagers



Mr Dixit

MD, ABC Firms Limited



Sub: complaint against building of 5 star hotels in Dharmagiri reg:

We have come to know that your company is going to build a 5 Star hotel here. As per the geographical peculiarities our village cannot hold a structure more than 30 feet. It is dangerous to the mountain. The villagers do not need a hotel with 300 rooms. Moreover building of such a multi storied hotel can destroy the serenity of the village as well as the mountains .Many houses will be demolished and trees will be cut off. We will not allow anything to affect the environment and our life here. So we request you to stop the construction work immediately and leave the project. Yours faithfully


(on behalf of the villagers ,Dharmagiri)



News Paper Report

Prepare a newspaper report of the landslide in Dharmagiri


At last the mountain spoke

Dharmagiri: A terrible landslide shook the village yesterday .1t occurred in the afternoon when the construction of a multistoried hotel was going on. Eye witnesses say that there was a terrific roar like rocks falling which lasted for 30 seconds. It was soon followed by a sharp noise. Nearly a hundred men were injured and many were reported to be under the rocks. The wounded were immediately brought to the nearby hospitals. The tragedy is said to be the result of unscientific construction of the hotel. It is believed that the village cannot hold a structure more than 30 feet long. Many villages told that they had given warnings to Mr Dixit, who is the owner of the hotel about the dangers. The government has ordered to stop all the constructions going on in the area and also announced a sum of rupees 10000 as a relief to the hospitalized.






Prepare a write-up about the views held by the grandmother and Mr Dixit about development

Grandmother is the representative Of the Old generation who believes that man should live in harmony with Nature. She thinks that she can hear the voice of the streams, rivers, the birds and the mountain. She is happy with the rough life of village without much luxuries like car or T V .When she hears about the construction of hotel in her village she appears more concerned about the pollution, the noise and the loss of habitat of animals and birds. The picture of filthy river frightens her. But she is not altogether against progress and admits that since future belongs to the children they should be consulted. Mr Dixit is a millionaire who has money and power so he is so fast in the construction of the hotel. He is not at all bothered about the life or feelings of the villagers. He thinks that nature is something to be exploited according to our needs. UnIike the grandmother he fails to hear the voice of the mountain. He is a selfish man whose only motive is business.


The students of Narayan decides to submit a petition to the Child right commission about the impending danger their village faces. Draft the petition.









Subject: Plea for a peaceful living.


We are a group of concerned students who recide in Darmagiri. Our village is very small and beautiful and serene. We lead a peaceful life in harmony with the trees, the mountain, the river, the flowers and birds. The river that flows down sustains our very life. But of late, we are concerned about a grave issue. Our life is going to be threatened by some big people's project of building a star hotel on the top of Darmagiri Mountain. We could never allow such a thoughtless act since it would mar our lives. The only construction we have on the mountain is a three hundred year old temple, All the villagers know for sure that the mountain could not be dug more than thirty feet down. It would result in massive We plead for our rights to live and learn in a peac-eful atmosphere. We strongly state that we don't need any fancy hotels in our village even if it is tagged under tourism and development. Hope you would see to it and prevent the concerned authorities from making such a grave mistake

Yours truly

Students from ABC SCHOOL



News Paper Report

The Darmagiri villagers were highly opposed to the construction of a star hotel. They conduct rallies and protest march as a part of the popular unrest. Prepare a newspaper report.


16.9.16,Darmagiri: An agitated mob here in Darmagiri started hour-long protest marches and rallies shouting slogans to save their village from an impending tragedy. They were highly sensitive about the invasion of a foreign company to establish their chain of star hotels in the name of tourism and development. Though the villagers were small in numbers, they were highly opinionated. They declared that they would conduct fast unto death if the authorities fail to address their grievance. the protests were peaceful. No violent events were reported anywhere.




Write a short profile of Kavery Nambisan using the hints given below.

Born                : Palangala, Kodagu in India

Pen Name       : Kavery Bhatt

Education        : St. John's Medical College, Bangalore

Occupation      : Surgeon and medical advisor at the Tata Coffee Hospital in Kodagu, Karnataka

Spouse             : Vijay Nambisan, a journalist and poet

Notable Works : Once Upon a Forest (1986), The Scent of Pepper (1996) On Wings of Butterflies (2002),

  The Hills of Angheri (2005), The Story That Must Not Be Told (2014)

Awards/Honours : Coorg Person of the Year in 2005


Kavery Nambisan

Kavery Nambisan, an Indian novelist, was born in Palangala village in South Kodagu, Karnataka, in a family of politicians. She studied medicine in St. John's Medical College, Bangalore, and at the University of Liverpool, England. Nambisan's story 'Dr Sad and the Power Lunch' was joint runner-up in the third Outlook-Picador nonfiction contest in 2003. 'The Story that Must Not Be Told' was shortlisted for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature in 2012 as well as the Man Asian Literary Prize in 2008. She was elected Coorg Person of the Year in 2005.




Diary Entry

Ramanna is annoyed and disturbed to hear about the plan of a building a five star hotel in Dharmagiri village. He writes a diary expressing his concerns. Prepare the likely Diary entry.


Monday, 15th July 2020

What a horrible thing! They are constructing a five star hotel, right here on the top of Dharmagiri, overlooking our village. No one in the village has been told about it. I think the villagers won’t like it, I know they will not. They say that we are ignorant. They are going to widen the road. Some houses will be knocked down. What shall we do? This is arrogance. I will not allow this. I will protest. The Dharmagiri is a sacred mountain to us. We will not allow any one to disrupt it. Will they make our village a slum? They are accommodating the labourers here. They are aiming at making profit. Business minded. But our village, we have keep up its tradition. This is unfair. They don't know us. We certainly have something to do with it. Let’s wait and see.




Character sketch of Sagar

Sagar is the building contractor of Mr Dixit who is going to build a multistoried hotel at Dharmagiri  .He  is the representative of modern man who looks down upon the villagers. Sagar believes in fast life. He thinks that everything has become so easy with the help of machineries. He hates life in the village. He is materialistic as well as ambitious .Sagar talks with contempt to the villages .For him   money and power are above humanity and values. Sagar considers the serene beauty of the village and the valley as only to attract the tourists. He gives less care to the emotional attachment of the villages. Even the workers are like rats for him. He does not bother about the age old beliefs of the villagers too.

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