Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us CAPSULE MODULE based on the Chapter The Never Never Nest (One-Act Play) for the students preparing for SSLC English Exam. It will boost the student's confidence and vigour. It is great to support for teachers. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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Character Sketches

Character Sketches Jack
Jack is a young man who wants to lead a luxurious life with his wife and child. He is a victim of modern consumerism. He earns only six pounds and spends seven pounds and eight pence a week. His weekly repayment of installment is more than his earning. He lives in a well furnished house with all luxuries. He has bought costly furniture, refrigerator, piano, radio, car etc on installment scheme. He is unaware of the consequences of the trap of installment. Even though he was given several warnings about the adverse impact of the installment scheme, he was not willing to budge from it. It shows his negligence and greed for pleasure and thrill of life without earning anything fruitful. He has no control over his expenditure and does not understand the danger behind it. He takes unnecessary risks to lead a lavish and reckless life. It may ruin his future and lose real happiness and peace of mind in his daily life.

Character Sketches Aunt Jane
Aunt jane is a highly practical woman. She is a central character in the play. She is a kind and generous lady who helped jack and Jill financially to save them from their debt trap. She is a key character in the play and she tells jack and Jill about the negative impact of installment scheme. She has given them a cheque to settle one bill to make at least one item as their own. She warned them that they should keep away from this type of purchase and it would put them in deep financial difficulty in near future. She instructed them to get rid of these practices which might ruin their life and career. She has played in a key role to keep them away from installment scheme.


Aunt Jane is worried about the foolish way of living of jack and Jill. She writes her thoughts and feelings in her diary entry.

22nd November 2022.

How foolish jack and Jill are! They are insensible and stupid. He is extravagant and careless in his unnecessary expenditure. They spend senselessly and their miseries will increase day by day. Jack earns only six pounds a week. But he spends more than that. He is unaware of his expenses. I don’t know what happened to him. He likes to live luxuriously with his small income. He is not at all worried about his future. He will be in deep financial trouble soon. He should be more careful about his financial dealings. Normal life will be impossible. His child is growing. They will have more expenses in future. They have to control their expenditure or they will have to repent in future. I advised them plenty of times to keep away from these types of foolish purchase. Oh! My God, please save him.

The Textual Questions and Answer in the play Never Never Nest

1. Why did Aunt Jane exclaim ‘charming’?
Ans: Aunt-Jane exclaimed charming because the room was cosy and pretty.
2. What was really wonderful according to Aunt Jane?
Ans: According to Aunt Jane, everything in Jack’s house was wonderful. The furniture, the car, the piano, the refrigerator and the radio were wonderful.
3. What made Aunt Jane worry about her gift cheque?
Aunt Jane was worried because she doubted whether she had written two thousand pounds instead of two hundred pounds on the cheque given as a wedding present to Jack and Jill.
4. What arguments did Jack give in support of purchasing a house on installment basis?
He doesn’t need to pay rent year after year for the house.
5. According to Jack, which parts of the car does the really own now?
Jack owns only the steering wheel, one of the tyres and two of the cylinders.
6. Why did Aunt Jane refuse to sit on the furniture?
Aunt Jane refused to sit on the furniture because it was not fully owned by Jack. The major portion of the furniture belongs to Mr. Saga.
7. How did they plan to pay their installments?
They planned to borrow money from Thrift and Providence Trust Corporation.
8. Why did Aunt Jane hesitate to travel in Jack’s car?
Aunt Jane hesitated to travel in Jack’s car because the car was not fully owned by Jack.
9. What did Aunt Jane want them to do with the cheque?
She wanted Jack and Jill to pay at least one of their bills and make an item as their own.
10. What did Jill do with the?
Jill sent the cheque to Dr. Martin.
11. Why did Jill send the cheque to Dr.Martin?
Jill wanted to have at least the baby as their own.


1. Aunt Jane writes a letter to Jack and Jill advising to change their way oflife. Prepare the likely letter of Aunt Jane

Rose villa,
New England.
5th December 2022.
Dear jack and Jill,
How are you? Hope you are keeping fine. I want to share with you a shocking experience. I was shocked and stunned to see the way of your foolish living. Ican’t imagine what will happen to you soon. Your future is dark and grim. You can’t escape from the clutches of debt trap soon, if you continue to purchase the same. Please try to avoid this careless purchase. Your purchase won’t make you happy and contented. Our needs are unlimited. You should not resort to this kind purchase. It is not at all a beneficial for you. They become rich and earn a big amount from us. 
Now it is the time to understand the adverse consequence of installment scheme. You have to think practically and act wisely immediately. Please be content with what you have. We should not be materialistic at all. Hope you will settle one of the bills immediately to avoid future trouble. Now your child is not yours. Kindly pay immediately using my cheque.
Hope to meet you soon.
Yours lovingly,

2. Jack writes a letter to Aunt Jane expressing gratitude for her consideration and immense help she gave them.

Grace Villa,
New Hampstead
15th January 2022.
Dear Aunt Jane,
How are you? Hope you are well. We have chosen wrong way of purchasing. I am sure we will have to repent in future. We are following the wrong way of living. Your timely advice and consideration helped us tremendously. We have owed to you immensely for the kind help you extended. We had been doing wrong practices and paying unnecessarily. We have understood that it was our folly and mistake. No one has succeeded in this practice. Installment team was exploiting the power of purchasing. We are
ignorant of its adverse effect. We are sure that will struggle to pay off the debt in near future. 
Convey my best regards to all at home.
Yours lovingly,

Prepare a review of the drama The Never Never Nest

The never nest is a comic one act play written by Cedric. The story is about the young married couple jack and Jill who have a baby. Their way of living is purchasing all the comforts to their home. Their habit is borrowing on installment scheme to live happily with all comforts. When the Aunt Jane visited jack’s and Jill’s house, she was surprised to find that they got all the all the luxuries at their home. She could not believe that how they brought all comforts there with his meagre income. Jacks income was meager. He earns only six pounds and spends seven pounds and eight pence a week. He lives in a well furnished house. He has bought costly furniture, refrigerator, piano, radio car etc for installment. She even suspected that she gave them 2000 pounds instead of 20 pounds as a wedding gift. Later she understood that they bought all those things at their home on installment scheme. He has to pay pounds in a week. She was shocked to know that they could not possess even a single item as their own. They cannot pay the amount immediately as they have financial difficulties. Aunt jane gave them a cheque of 10 pounds to pay off at least one bill so that they could make one as their own. She instructed them to pay the bill of hospital. They could not pay the hospital bill to own their child. This amount was used to pay the bill. She criticized and resented at their foolish and irresponsible act. Aunt jane was reluctant to use their car as it belongs to the installment company. She has proved that she did not own a single penny to any one in her life. Her kind support helped Jack and Jane to possess their baby by paying the bill. The author exposes the hollowness of installment scheme and its adversities on human life.

Prepared by
Ahraf VVN
Hst, DGHSS, Tanur –Malappuram

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