Mr. Ashraf VVN, HST, DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram gladly shares with us Elegant Module based on the Chapter Vanka for the students preparing for SSLC English Exam. It will boost the student's confidence and vigour. It is great to support for teachers. EduKsd Blog Team is delighted to express our overwhelming pleasure and immense gratitude for his remarkable work.

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Prepare a review of the story “Vanka”

The story ‘vanka’ by Anton Chekhov focuses on the universal plight of orphans and how they are mistreated by the society. It was a well-directed play which depicts the miserable state of affairs of a poor family. The pitiable condition of vanka is exposed in the tragic story. The master is rude and senseless. He suffers a lot of hardship from the hand of his cruel master. He ridicules Vanka for petty
mistakes in front of other apprentices. His ill-treatment is horrible and unspeakable. Vanka is a nine year old orphan boy who is forced to work under Alyakhin, the shoemaker. He is leading a miserable life without proper food proper sleep. He is always ill-treated by his master and mistress. He behaves with him brutally. They speak harshly and rudely to vanka.
The poverty has become a burden on him. He wanted to escape from this wretched life. It was the toughest challenge in his life. He was sure that he won’t be alive if the same fateful situation continues. Vanka is nostalgic about his life in the village. The other apprentices in the house made fun of him and send him to the tavern. They made him steal the master’s cucumbers for which he was cruelly beaten by
his master. Their freedom is restricted and there should obey the order of their master. He was ill-treated by the shoemaker and his wife. The other apprentices made fun of him. He was not given enough food and also had to take care of the shoemaker’s baby even at night. He couldn’t sleep properly and was punished cruelly by his master.
Vanka reminisces of simple, but still fond memories that are meant to be cherished. He longs for someone to give him a sense of emotional warmth. The story clearly examines the social issue of child labour but at the same time captures the hearts of the readers. Chekhov shows stroke of good craft in the development of the story. His hostile attitude is endangering his life. He never cares the welfare of labour. He was forced to work but he is very sad he never accuses his grandfather. He hopes of his coming to save him. The only relative remaining in his life is his grandfather, who is sixty-five and is at a distant location. Vanka begs his grandfather to take him away so that he can get away from his current living situation. However, he is left with a small sense of optimism that his grandfather might receive the letter. So, on a Christmas Eve he wrote a letter to his granddad to come at once and save him from that hell of tortures. After posting the letter, vanka slept peacefully with happy dreams.


Child labour
Child labour is a big social issue in our country. It is a forceful act. Child labour stunts the proper growth of development of the children. Child labour keeps a child away from all the benefits of childhood. It is the happiest memorable period of everyone. Child labour is damaging and spoiling the future of children. They are forced to work hard in a dangerous condition against their interest and will.
child labour is a source of income for poor families. They can’t lead a normal life. They lose their confidence, mislead and misused. They become illiterate. They are living in ugly situation and surroundings. They are the carries of dangerous diseases. Illiteracy and ignorance of parents are also important factors to send their children to child labour. They are exploited by their employers for their selfish motive. Child labour should be abolished for the betterment of society. Strict action should be taken against the offenders.


konstantin Makarich is Vanka’s grandfather . Grandpa is a cheerful and jovial person. He was a fun loving man. He always used to amuse people with his wit. He wishes to spend his time with old people living in the zhikareve. He works as a watchman. He works as a night watchman in an estate. He is a small, lean old man about sixty-five but extremely vigorous and alert. He is quite funny and has smiling face. But he is a heavy drinker. In the daytime he either slept in the back kitchen, or sat joking with the cook and the kitchen-maids, and in the night, he walked round and round the estate, sounding his rattle. He is playful and likes to fool around with the maids. He gives the Snuff box to the women and makes them sneeze. He likes to live a cheerful like without taking responsibilities in life. He sent Vanka to Alyakhin to learn the art of shoe making and he thought that vanka would have a decent living. He used to spend his time with maids and crack jocks and fun. He pinches the maids in the bungalow.
Vanka was a nine year old Russian orphan cared by his granddad Konstantin Makarich. His grand dad was taking care of him after his mother’s death. He was sent to Moscow to learn the art of shoe making to have a decent living. He apprenticed Vanka under Alyakhin, the shoe maker, but the life of Vanka was full of tortures and cruel beating. Alyakhin and his wife beat him, and mocked him for petty reasons. He was not given enough food to eat and his proper sleep disturbed. He was starving for many days. Vanka was fed up with his life there and wished to go back to the village to live with his granddad. Besides he has to suffer a lot with the disgraceful behavior of the other apprentices. Though he is very sad, he never accuses his grand father . He is hopeful of his coming to save him. He is very submissive and obedient and is ready to do anything for grandfather. The most appealing factor of Vanka is his optimistic longing for the return to his village. Vanka is nostalgic about his life in the village.


1. The English club of your school has decided to conduct a seminar on child labour. Prepare a notice.


Dear friends,
The English club of our school has decided to conduct a seminar on ‘child labour’ in our school auditorium at 10 am on 15 th December 2022. The renowned actor Mamooty will inaugurate the programme. You are all cordially invited to the session.
All are most welcome.
GOA Secretary
8th December 2022. 
English club


1. Vanka writes a letter to his grandpa expressing his miserable life at the shoe maker’s house. He wrote a letter to his granddad to save him from the cruelties of his master.

Rose villa
Grand Road
24th October 2022.

Dear grandpa,
How are you? Hope you are fine. I am writing this letter with a special purpose. I am not well. I am very sad and upset. My master is cruel and hits me for petty reasons. . My life is miserable here and I have no proper sleep. I have no proper food and clothes. I have to rock the baby the whole night. I beg you to come and save me from this miserable condition. I love you very much. I will look after well you when I become big. Don’t forget to come. I pray for your well-being. Convey my best regards to all. Hope to meet you soon With lots of love.
Yours lovingly,

2. Vanka’s grandpa has decided to write a letter to vanka to save him from Alyakhins cruelty.

Hill view
Grand Road
5 th December 2022.

Dear Vanka,
How are you? Hope you are fine. I am writing this letter with a special purpose. I got your letter last week. I am sad to hear about your miserable life there. I feel guilty my son. I sent you to learn the art of shoe making to earn a decent living. I knew that they beat you unnecessarily. I did not have the least idea that they would treat you cruelly. How could they beat you? I assure you, I shall come soon to take you home, don’t worry. I shall also write a letter of complaint to the police. I have kept a gilded nut in a green chest and put it on a Christmas tree for you. Your concertina is safe with me. I wish you merry X mas. I shall come and take you home immediately. Don’t worry.
Hope we can meet you soon
Yours lovingly,


1. Vanka , write a letter to the editor of a local daily complaining against the child labour connection with Vanka’s inhuman treatment at his masters house

Grace Villa,

The Editor,
The Times
14th December 2022.

Sub: complaining against the child labour

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the kind attention and immediate of concerned authorities towards the grave issue of our area. Vanka, one of my maid’s nine year old son was sent to a shoemaker’s house to learn the skill of shoe making. Alyakhin, the cruel and merciless shoemaker not only made his life miserable but also deprived him of all his basic needs like food and sleep. He was beaten terribly and treated him like an animal. It is posing a serious threat to the life of that innocent child. It indicates that Vanka is in a miserable condition. So I kindly request you to save his life and expecting your whole hearted cooperation.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
2. Imagine that as a resident of the locality, you witnessed Vanka’s pitiable life at the shoemaker’s house. Write a letter to a police official describing Vanka’s hardships and also the cruelty of his master, and to request him to save the child.

Grace Villa
20th December 2022

Respected Sir,
I would like to bring to your notice a serious problem in our locality. Sir, there are many children in our village who don’t go to school because of many reasons. Many of them are forced to go for work to earn money. Poverty, ignorance, insecurity, large families and the lure of an additional income for the family are all reasons why these children are forced into labour at such a young age. The government has made child labour punishable by law. But it still continues. This is because there is nobody to fight for their cause. I hope you can do a lot in this regard and thus we can uplift them back to a happy life. I hope the police department will take some effective measures to prevent crimes against the children.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,


Prepare the diary of vanka of his master’s cruel treatment expressing his feelings and thought 

7th October 2022. Monday
What an unforgettable day it is! My life is miserable and unbearable. My master is cruel and harsh. He often beats me for petty reasons. His torture is unbearable. He makes my life horrible and unbearable. His master and other apprentices make fun of me. He ruts my face with fish for not gutting properly. I have been starving for many days. Most of the nights, he kept me awake to rock his baby. I am desperate and hopeless of my future. I want to escape from the clutches of this evil grip.


The story ‘Vanka ‘focuses on the issue of child rights. Imagine that you are the secretary of the Parliamentary Club of your school. You are asked to prepare a speech on the ill effects of child labour. Prepare the speech.

Respected headmaster, my teachers and my dear friends. A warm good morning to you all present here.
I am so proud and happy to be here in this pleasant occasion. I am here to speak a few words about the ill effects of child labour .Vanka is a victim of child labour. Vanka leads a miserable life at the shoemaker’s house. He was ill-treated by the shoemaker and his wife. He is not given enough food and also had to take care of the master‘s baby even at night. He could not sleep properly and was punished cruelly by his master and mistress. Their master hurls abuse at the young minds. Hard treatment runs the pleasures and enjoyment of their innocent childhood. They make their future bleak and bitter. They carry grim memories of their childhood. It hampers their proper development and growth. They are forced work in a hazard and vulnerable environment. It exposes their frailty before the society. Let me conclude my short speech. Thank you.


Staff Reporter,
Moscow, March 12: A nine year old orphan boy, vanka was seen in a pitiable condition in a shoe maker’s house in Arab street. After the death of Vanka’s mother, his grandfather sent him as an apprentice under Alyakhin, the shoemaker. The boy is leading miserable life without proper food and sleep. His condition is indescribable and pathetic. He is always cruelly beaten by Alyakhin and his wife, one of the neighbors said. A case of child labour has been filed against the shoe maker before the child welfare Department. It is said that steps are being taken for the reunion of the boy with his grandfather in the village.


You : Where did you go?
Vanka : I went to the post office to post a letter.
You : Are you sending the letter to your grandpa?
Vanka : Yes, I want to tell him something.
You : What is the matter?
Vanka : I can’t stay here more
You : Is he troubling you terribly?
Vanka : Yes, My master beats me mercilessly.
You : Is there any particular reason?
Vanka : He always finds fault with me.
You : oh, that is a serious issue.
Vanka : I told him to save my life from here.
You : That is true.

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