Some adjustments have bee made in SS examination Question paper which
is going to held in March 2023. SS Question paper will have Two Parts ie A &B.
Both parts carry 40 Marks each (40 +40= 80). All questions in Part A must be
answered. There will be an opportunity to chose or select certain number of
Questions from Part B and write the answer.

Part B consists of questions from the units to be studied selectively,
Through this it is possible to avoid 6 Units to be studied selectively. There is a chance to avoid 3 Units from SS I and 3 from SS II for studying and reduce the stress of exam. Here is a notes prepared by Sri Abdul Vahid U.C ,a retired Teacher SS based on thi criteria

Social Science -2023 Examination Notes

Part A
SS II units

  • Public Expenditure and Public Finance  (4Score)
  • India-The Land of Diversities (7 Score)
  • Resource Wealth of India (5 Score)
  • Consumer, Satisfaction and Protection (4 Score)

Part A
SS-I units

  • Struggle and freedom (5 Score)
  • Kerala towards modernity (4 Score)
  • Sociology; what? why? (3 Score)


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