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This post is a Teaching Manual (not for students) on the Unit 1. Please comment so that I can know the responses.

Unit - 1 Rain of love

Teaching Manual 

Rain of Love എന്ന Unit ലെ കൂടുതല്‍ ചോദ്യങ്ങളും ഉത്തരങ്ങളും (More Questions and Answers) Class 6
Life with Grandfather
Activity 1
 Many friends came for Raja’s birthday. They sang a beautiful song as a gift. Everyone danced and enjoyed. All the kids, birds, the sun, butterflies, flowers, clouds and rain began to hum the song.
 Trees are swaying lovely
 Lovely returns of the day.
 Cows are moving cute
 Cute returns of the day.
 Add more lines to the song. 
(minimum four lines) 
 Flowers dancing happily
 Happy returns for the boy.
 Clouds shower greetings
 Rain returns greetings.
Activity 2
 The children enjoyed the celebration very much. ‘Where is Govind?’, Raja asked his friends. ‘Oh God! I am sorry. I forgot’. Sunil came near Raja and handed a paper to him. It was a birthday message to Raja.
  Prepare the possible birthday message. 

Activity 3
Edit the following passage.
 I liked to play for the calves and I liked to watched the birds in the garden. I look for jackals came out of the grove. I ran after mangooses and butterflies. 
Answer: with, watch, looked, coming, mongooses
Activity 4
    In the story ‘Life with Grandfather’, we read that Raja was afraid to face his grandfather. So he hid himself in the cowshed. There was a long search for Raja. Raja’s Uncle found him. He is taking Raja home. Uncle told him that nobody was angry with him.
    Write the possible conversation between Uncle and Raja on the way to the house.
    Uncle    :    ______________
    Raja    :    ______________
    Uncle    :    Why did you hide in the cowshed?
    Raja    :    ______________
    Uncle    :    ______________
    Raja    :    ______________
    Uncle    :    Raja, let’s go back home.
    Raja    :    Uncle, please forgive me.
    Uncle    :    Why did you hide in the cowshed?
    Raja    :    I was afraid of grandfather.
    Uncle    :    He loves you a lot.
    Raja    :    Uncle, I understand my mistake. I will not repeat it.
Activity 5
    It is Raja’s birthday. The whole family is in a happy mood. They have decided to arrange a birthday party. ‘Raja, call all your teachers and friends. Don’t forget to tell them the date, time and the way to our house’, Grandfather reminded. Raja telephoned his class teacher, Ms. Nalini.
    Raja    :    Hello, is it Nalini Teacher?
    Nalini Teacher    :    ...................
Complete the conversation between Raja and Nalini Teacher.
Raja    :        Hello, is it Nalini Teacher?
Nalini Teacher    :        Yes, it’s me. Who is speaking?
Raja     :        Teacher, I am Raja.
Nalini Teacher :  Why did you call me Raja?
Raja     :    Teacher, my birthday is on 2nd September. My family has decided to arrange a birthday party.
Nalini Teacher    :     My birthday wishes to you in advance.
Raja     :    Thank you, teacher. The party begins at 5 p.m. Teacher, do you know where my house is? It is near the post office. Would you please  make an enquiry for Mr. Venu’s house? Or else I shall wait at the junction. Please come with your husband and children.
Nalini Teacher :     Sure Raja. I ‘ll be there on time.
Raja     :    Thank you, teacher.
Activity 6
    Raja is celebrating his birthday. All his friends and family members gathered around him. He received many gifts. He was very much thrilled.
How do you plan to celebrate your birthday?
    Who will you invite?
    Who will give you gifts?
    How will you decorate your home?
    Write a description about your planned birthday celebration.
    My parents and siblings have decided to celebrate my birthday in a grand way. My mother, Auntie and I together have decorated the house. We used balloons  and festoons for decorating. We have invited our relatives, friends and neighbours for the function. We have requested them not to bring any gift. I think spending money on gifts is not a good practice. Father is making all arrangements. We simply support him. He will do things well and in good order. I humbly hope to have a wonderful day.
The Little Boy and the Old Man
Activity 1
    You have read the poem ‘The Little Boy and The Old Man’. Here is another poem on mother’s love. Read it and answer the given questions.
    My mother bore me in the southern wild,
    And I am black but Oh! my soul is white;
    White as an Angel is the English child.
    But I am black as if bereaved of light.
    My mother taught me underneath a tree.
    And sitting down before the heat of the day,
    She took me on her lap and kissed me,
    And pointing to the east began to say.
    Look on the rising sun: there God does live
    And gives his light and gives his heat away.
    And flowers and trees and beasts and men receive
    Comfort in morning, joy in the noonday.
a)    Where did the boy and his mother sit?
b)    Pick out the line which shows mother’s love.
c)    Who enjoy God’s love?
d)    Somebody gave the title ‘God’s Light’ to this poem. How appropriate is the title?
Answer:  a) Under a tree.
b)    She took me on her lap and kissed me.
c)    The flowers, trees, beasts and men.
d)    The rising sun gives his light and heat away. The flowers, trees, beasts and men receive this light and enjoy. The poet compares the light of the rising sun to God’s light. So the title ‘Gods Light’ is an appropriate one.

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