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Plus Two Result 2023: Revaluation, Photocopy, Application & Guidelines


Plus Two Revaluation 2023

The Kerala Higher Secondary Second Year Plus Two March 2023 results have been released. Students have the option to apply for Revaluation & Scrutiny for all subjects, except Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, as these subjects have already undergone double valuation. Additionally, students can also request a photocopy of their answer scripts for all subjects.

Fee for Plus Two Revaluation 2023

Upon the immediate publication of the results, students have the opportunity to choose various options such as Revaluation, Scrutiny, and Photocopy, if necessary. The fee for each item is as follows:

  • Revaluation - Rs. 500.00/- per paper,
  • Scrutiny - Rs. 100.00/- per paper
  • Photocopy - Rs. 300.00/- per paper. 

Application Form for Plus Two Revaluation/Scrutiny/Photocopy

You can download the application form for Revaluation, Scrutiny, and Photocopy from the following link::


What is the difference between Photocopy & Scrutiny 

Scrutiny primarily involves a meticulous examination of the answer sheet to identify any unaudited responses, ensure accurate calculation of the total marks, and address any other discrepancies. On the other hand, revaluation entails the thorough reevaluation of the previously checked and graded answer sheet. During revaluation, the quality of the answers is assessed in addition to the scrutiny process.

Once the revaluation process is completed, any modifications or adjustments will be communicated to the students through the designated portal. Subsequently, updated certificates reflecting the revised results will be issued to the students.

How to Refund Revaluation Fee ?

The Principals must refund the revaluation fee to those candidates who secure 10% or more marks from the revaluation fee which is already deposited in the PD accounts of the schools. The remaining amount towards revaluation fee in the PD account shall be remitted in the Head of Account “0202-01-102-97(03) other receipts”. 


Dates to remember

  • The last date for submitting application is 31-05-2023.

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