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Plus Two SAY/Improvement Examination June 2023: Time Table, Application Form


Higher Secondary Plus Two SAY exam 2023

The Save a Year (SAY) exam is designed to give students who did not pass their second-year exams an opportunity to retake the subjects they failed, thus preventing them from losing an entire academic year. The SAY exam allows students to reattempt any number of subjects they were unsuccessful in. They are free to write the SAY exam for all the subjects they have failed without any restrictions.

Plus Two Improvement exam 2023

The Improvement exam is organized to enable students to enhance their scores in subjects they have already successfully passed. Unlike other exams, the Improvement exam allows students to focus on improving the grade in only one subject. In this case, students are limited to selecting and appearing for the Improvement exam in a single subject.

Fee for Plus Two SAY Exam 2023

The fee for Second year Higher Secondary SAY exam are given below:- 
  • Subject without Practical: 150/Subject 
  • Fee for Practical Exam: 25/Subject 
  • Fee for Certificate: 40 
Fee for Plus Two Improvement Exam 2023 
  • Fee for Improvement Exam: 500/Subject 
  • Fee for Certificate: 40 

How to apply for Plus Two SAY/Improvement Exam 2023 ? 

To apply for the Second Year Higher Secondary SAY and Improvement examinations, students are required to submit the application form along with the corresponding fee to the principal of the school where they had previously appeared for the March 2023 exams.

Application form for Plus Two SAY/Improvement Exam 2023

The application form for Plus two SAY/Improvement exam can be downloaded in PDF format from the following link

Application form for Higher Secondary Plus Two SAY/Improvement Exam July 2023

Plus Two SAY/Improvement Exam Centres 2023
The list of Higher Secondary Schools selected as Examination Centres and the list of Higher Secondary Schools clubbed to each Examination centre will publish in the Dhse portal soon.
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Time Table for Second year(+2) SAY/Improvement Exam 2023 

Higher Secondary Second year SAY/Improvement Examination 2023 will be conducted on 21st June 2023. Practical Examination will be conducted on 08/06/2023 & 09/06/2023 in a selected centre, one in each district. 
Candidates who have appeared for Practical Examination conducted in Feb 2023 need not re-appear for the same in this SAY/Improvement Examination.

Time Table(PDF) for Second year(+2) SAY/Improvement Exam 2023 is given below.

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